Morning in Raton

I hadn’t walked since I’ve been on vacation, so I thought it be a good idea to try one. I got up just before sunrise put on extra pants a Pullover hat  and gloves. Did I mention the temperature it was 0° Zero with a Capitol Z. Now if you’re used to this kind of weather no big deal but I’m a California boy and it was rather cold. My first greeting was from this gorgeous lonely horse.

Proceeded further down the road past the golf course Down to the old dirt road. Did I mention it was 0°s. Went a little past the old bridge and decided to take this picture.

I think my mustache actually froze. One more photo and I decided to turn around and go back all in all it was about a little over 2 miles not my longest or fastest one, did I  mention it was cold!

Came  back to Johnny and Ellen’s house,  Johnny and Linda were having coffee. I joined them to warm up. 

Later day we are off to see The NRA Whittington Center

Founded in 1973, the NRA Whittington Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is closely associated with the National Rifle Association but is not underwritten or managed by the NRA.  The Whittington Center is a 33,300 acre outdoor recreation facility that hosts many competitive, educational and recreational activities in all shooting disciplines.

It sounds like a lot of fun so 

more later…


Our Day in Raton

Arrived to Raton, NM Tuesday afternoon. Johnny greeted us at our  entrance to our Private room.  We have our own little Oasis in their home. Ellen is still in West frankfort Il, but due in late Thursday evening, weather permitting.

We awoke the following day (Today) with our morning coffee to snow and Turkeys.

Wild Turkeys and coffe in John and Ellen's front yard
Wild Turkeys and coffee in John and Ellen’s front yard

Went to breakfast and visited a new Tractor Supply store where Linda got Chick talk. They had just gotten in a new supply of chickens. They were only two days old. They had quite a variety to choose from, laying, rooster and harvesting all were $1.99 and $ 2.99 each. Some thing  Linda and I don’t see everyday. Found a new Tennis Ball thrower for their dogs, Max and Marley.

Linda Gets Chik Talk

2 day old chicks getting warm
2 day old chicks getting warm

Johnny bought us a special Steve Mcqueen DVD best of Wanted Dead or Alive Pack, Yes in the Tractor Supply store. (They had everything you could want.) I was stoked

Came home as it was scheduled to snow all afternoon. Linda Johnny and I, went for dinner supplies at the local Grocery store. We are having spaghetti dinner.  Linda has been cooking while Johhny and I are feasting on Wanted Dead or Alive Episodes, with frequent breaks to play catch and enjoy the snow.

Let's P{lay
Let’s Play!
Max and Marly Frolicking in the Snow
Max and Marley Frolicking in the Snow

Our Dinner was spectacular, we enjoyed our spaghetti dinner with a salad and a nice bottle of Cabernet.

Bon Appetit
Bon Appetit
Someone has to take the photos
Someone has to take the photos,I know you were looking for my mug

All and all it was a great way to end the day. Tomorrow we wait for Ellen.

More Later…

Adam’s Ribs

It Was Saturday Night, and we were ready for a get together with Adam’s World Famous Ribs.

Adam and Derrick Discussing Ribs
Adam and Derrick Discussing Ribs

Slow cooked Pork ribs, smoked  for 6 Plus hours on his Traeger Wood Pellet Grill. 3 different varieties of rib rubs and sauces. Medium, hot and hotter. All were great.  Everyone brought a dish, there was stuffed mushrooms, stuffed jalapeños, macaroni and cheese, Cowboy Beans, and for dessert Key Lime Pie. It was a great night of fun and it was great to see everyone again.

Some of the Great Food
Some of the Great Food
The Boys
The Boys
Tim's New Bag, a present from Sommer
Tim’s New Bag, a present from Jessica
Pano party shot
Pano party shot
Modeling the "Bag"
Modeling the “Bag”
Hanging out in the garage after dinner (WInk Wink, Nod Nod)
Hanging out in the garage after dinner
(Wink Wink, Nod Nod)
The Stars  Hollywood, Willow and Linda
The Stars
Hollywood, Willow and Linda
Willow, doing what she does
Willow, doing what she does

We have had a mountain of snow since we have been here, so it was hard to get out to see things. But we really didn’t miss much , the fun was all at Tim’s Newly acquired abode.

Tim and The Hat
Tim and The Hat, Central City Gambling!

Sunday we spent the Day Gambling at The twin Cities of Black Hawk and Central City. Tim and Linda were the Winners, The rest of us… Well, Casinos don’t finance themselves.

We’ve had a great time at Tim’s,  it was great to see everyone. We will miss their company they are a joy to be with. Can’t wait to see them again… maybe it will be sooner rather than later!  Here’s Hoping

Now we are off to see Woodland Park, located 30 miles west of Colorado Springs in the mountains and spend the night. We also want to see Westcliffe, Florence and Cañon City again. I spoke to Johnny last night, Ellen isn’t due in until Friday at the earliest, but Johhny said our room was ready. We are excited to see them both!   More Later…

Another Snow Day yippee!!

looks like another snow day. Schools out Bobbie went skiing, Eli decided to build a snow ramp. Adam and Ben went to work.

The roads look a little dicey so we will stick to the local area and explore Denver. We were planning on going down to Woodland Park but will have to wait another day. Tim is  working all day and has an event tonight at union station in Denver so we probably won’t see him till late.  More later…

Good Morning! Off to See the Town of Deckers and Sedalia


Morning Squirrel
Morning Squirrel

Hello everyone we have been having a great time visiting with Tim and his family. Great dinners with the gang.

Went Gambling at Blackhawk and visited the town of Louisville, Co.  Ate at a little Diner  called “Bobs”

Bob's Diner
Bob’s Diner


Today we are off to visit the towns of Decker  and Sedalia. two small towns that are about an hour south of Denver.  More later…

Arrived in Glenwood Springs, CO

We Arrived in Glenwood Springs, CO  around 3:00 pm Great little mountain town. No snow on the ground but a little on the mountains, not enough to ski though.

Found a Quaint little motel with nice views of the mountains close to town

We should get to Tim’s tomorrow around 5:00. There is supposed to be a large snow storm coming in, so we need to leave the mountains before it hits.

Along the way we got to see…

Chinese Dragons @ Aria in Las Vegas
Chinese Dragons @ Aria in Las Vegas
Starving  Arvin's Restaurant Worst Navajo Taco Ever in Clinton, CO
Starving Arvin’s Restaurant
Worst Navajo Taco Ever in Clinton, CO
Old Tree between  Grand Junction Glenwood Springs
Old Tree between Grand Junction  and Glenwood Springs
Linda Gazing at View Grand Junction Glenwood Springs
Linda Gazing at View Grand JunctionRare Chihuahua in its natural Habitat    Rare Chihuahua in its natural Habitat
Where we are Staying Quaint Inn Glenwood Springs
Where we are staying The Hanging Lake Inn a  Quaint Inn in Glenwood Springs
Hanging Lake Inn Our Front Porch
            Hanging Lake Inn  Our Front Porch