Took a Quick tour of Indian Hills and evergreen one more time. 

Decided to revisit Evergreen and take a look at Indian Hills, both very close together only a few minutes out of the city but a world apart. You get to live just out of the city but feel like you’re in the country. Indian Hills is 6800 feet above sea level so you get to see nice Pines and wooded areas. Evergreen is a little more crowded and little tighter houses are closer together. I think we could be happy in either place. After our visit we decided to try Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. Looks like the franchise is in most states but We had never heard of it. You could probably compare it to either in and out burgers or five guys burgers. 

We were pretty impressed with  the hamburgers ours was crispy on the edges with two large dill pickle slices, sliced long ways. And it tasted great. The fries were shoestring and seasoned they have their own seasoning as well as fry sauce commonly known as thousand Island. 

The server looked oddly familiar. 

Place must be okay, even the help eats here. 

You could make a case for any of the three to be the best I would probably put it  at In-N-Out first , Freddy’s second and Five Guys last, I’m sure I’d get some arguments. 

Sadly today  is our last day in Denver. We are headed home. 

More Larer …


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