Our Trip to Westcliffe                             With Johnny and Ellen

A trek up the mountain to see Wayne and Marie’s cabin in the snow. Though the cabin still needs some finishing the view is breath taking!  Their view faces the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

    The Million Dollar View from the porch. 

After Marie puts her touches on it, it should be a cozy little cabin. Here are some views of the cabin and it’s interior.

Had to get a shot of the camerman

There is still plenty of room for the family to build on this gorgeous mountaintop when they decide to pick their spot. 

Here are some more shots of some of those vehicles left on the property.  I just can’t help mysel, to me  they are part of my Grandpa.

After a visit to the mountaintop went down to the town of Westcliff to have dinner at their local bowling alley. Even this bowling alley and restaurant have spectacular views.


Johnny Ellen and Linda had the fish and chips, Johnny’s favorite and I had to try the Ruben sandwich. I was not disappointed. I’m sure the view didn’t hurt   After a full day it was time to go home to Raton but not before seeing one final site.

Yes, they have a Buffalo ranch in Westcliffe

 More later,,,






4 thoughts on “Our Trip to Westcliffe                             With Johnny and Ellen

  1. The pictures are perfect! What a view, I’ve only seen a few photos, hadn’t seen the view. Marie is going to love seeing them. I’m glad u were able to see it. Your grandpa would have been so proud. Cute buffalo!

  2. It has been two days since you left and we are really missing your companionship on our many day trips. We are also missing the the tasty dinners you prepared, Linda. We are already planning other trips you have not made. The dogs are missing their morning runs, Steve.

  3. Hey! I loved the pics of the cabin and the views!! I was really surprised that there was not much snow around the cabin! Heard that you had a snowy walk going in though. Isn’t the view gorgeous ? I just love being there and feel “connected” with mom and dad. Your pics made me want to pack up and head out!😀

  4. I hit the wrong thing- I wasn’t through! Did you scout out anything in West Cliffe? Of course – you could always ” camp” on the mountain. I don’t think that we are going to have any “conveniences”. But that’s ok with me. I love the little town! Also there is a good breakfast place on the other end of town. Well it sounded like you enjoyed your visit- glad that you got to go! Love ya both!!

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