Another Goergeous Morning in Raton, Missing Marley…

It was another great morning in Raton,  Max and I headed out for our morning walk without Marley. Marley was left at home with her ailing hind leg.  Upon our return we were informed that Marley howled and wined while we were gone.  Her leg has been acting up on her, So Ellen thought it best she rest it.  We missed her.  Got to see “Lonely Boy” again. This time I brought treats. 

                  Lonely Boy and  his Carrot Treat

Lonely Boy also got apples, Max got jealous and stole one of his carrot droppings. 

                          Max looking for Marley

              Somehow he managed to trudge on

Last night Linda made us  Sausages with Spicy Beans : Sausages with Fagioli All’uccelletta. A recipe she learned by watching “Extra Virgin” on The Cooking Channel. 

She also made a salad, we had a nice bottle of merlot with it. Later we had a rousing game of Hearts  and a second bottle of wine. I came in last, Linda Won and Johnny and Ellen came in second and third. 

It was another Great day of visiting!

Today we are off to Westcliffe, CO to see Grandpas property. 

More Later…


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