Saturday in Northern New Mexico

Johnny  and Ellen decided to take us to Taos, starting with breakfast in Cimarron New Mexico home of the st. James hotel. The St. James Hotel and Bar is located on the Santa Fe Trail. It had many famous Oldwest figures that stayed in the hotel including wild  Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Cody,  Annie Oakley and Pat Garrett to name a few. The bar was still there, as were bullet holes in the ceiling that had been left by numerous, I assume bar fights. It is a gorgeous hotel beautifully preserved. We decided to have breakfast there. I had to try the sausage and biscuits as did Ellen, Johnny and Linda had and egg breakfast with sausages. The sausage was probably one of the best sausages we’d ever had. I’m not so sure how they made it so crisp without drying out the center but they may have the fried it at the end, it was delicious. Sorry no picture of the sausages, but here’s a nice sausage and biscuits picture. 

Here are just a few photos from inside the hotel as well as artwork of some of the famous figures who had stayed there. 

We left the St. James Hotel plenty stuffed, then ambled through the small towns of Red River, Eagle Nest  and Angel Fire New Mexico. 

Got to see some Skiers along the way. 

Next we were on the Taos. We spent some time in the plaza of Taos. Linda and Ellen hit the shops Johnny and I sat in the center of the plaza and watched the people go by.  I had my camera with my telephoto nearby took a few pictures fortunately I was discrete, not so much with the gentleman in the center of the Plaza  who was taking pictures of everyone and got the eye of a local man.  I guess we will call him the angriest man in Taos.  This guy took an exception to him taking his pictures and yelled several obscenities in the general direction of the man taking his photo. He  then got up went over to the man And gave him  A bigger piece of his mind, not what you would call a great ambassador Of hospitality, we  couldn’t hear exactly what He was saying but it didn’t sound good. We decided it was time to leave but , before we left I had to get one picture of the angriest man in Taos

I got this shot in the safety of our car we sped away.  (Telephoto lenses is our great!)

We decided to take a tour of the earthships homes of Taos before dinner. They were just closing as we came in so we just got to take a quick tour. We had been there before, but it was still interesting. Got a shot of this old car before we left

Below is one of the homes, as well as the inside plants that they grow inside the homes for food. We even saw a A pineapple plant. 

Next was dinner at Orlandos in Taos. Wow! What a unique place and the food was fantastic. It was obviously popular because we arrived at 5pm when they opened and it was packed with people waiting within 5 minutes!! Steve and Johnny had enchilada made from blue corn tortillas, Ellen a burrito and me “make your own bowl”. All were delicious.

After dinner we had a leisurely drive home while listening to Van Morrison and Chris Botti.

What a wonderful day!!!


2 thoughts on “Saturday in Northern New Mexico

  1. Loved the pictures! I feel sorry for the first man that took the angry man’s photo, but I’m glad u got such a nice one. That Mexican restaurant has fantastic food, wish I could order one right now. What fun day!!

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