Raton, NM  Morning Walk 2                 “This Time I Brought Friends”

Yesterday’s walk was freezing. I decided to come prepared, So this morning I brought friends. And I had a ball.  My horse greeted me with a smile and a big kiss.

The morning greeted me with this awesome sight.


                            A nearly full moon

Max And Marley Kept me company.  About halfway through my walk started to get colder but I had came prepared. No way was I going to let this cold weather bother us on this great  morning. 


As we turned around from a walk  to go home I thought to myself, where is the closest 711 convenient store, they need to see this outfit. 

When we got home I got to settle in with coffee and conversation with Johnny Ellen and Linda. We cited to go to Taos today sounds like a lot of fun,

And the dogs well I guess a tire them out, maybe,,,,



More Later…


2 thoughts on “Raton, NM  Morning Walk 2                 “This Time I Brought Friends”

  1. Where do I start! I loved the photos, your big white friend loving u, that shot of the full moon on that country road, naturally Max and Marley, but I laughed out loud when I saw u with ski mask. Really enjoyed your walk.

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