Raton, NM – NRA Whittingon Center

The 33,300 acre Whittington center is a vast area of shooting ranges, Cabins Sleeping  quarters for competitors, with an RV park and primitive Campgrounds,  this place has just about everything for the outdoor there are tons  of shooting ranges for different distances. At the entrance to the  to the center is the visitors area and  museum, it is free to all.

Located in the visitors center with an amazing array of both new and old weapons the FRANK BROWNELL MUSEUM has just about everything. Even a Gatling gun. 

This is a pano shot of the museum

They also had plenty of handguns from the Oldwest, Civil War  And other parts of the world

Even a 1973 Colt Peacemaker!

And if your more interested in modern firearms they had that too

Above Barrett 107A1

We even got a chance to meet This Spanis Explorer, however he wasn’t very talkative. 

All in all it was a great day!

More later…


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