Morning in Raton

I hadn’t walked since I’ve been on vacation, so I thought it be a good idea to try one. I got up just before sunrise put on extra pants a Pullover hat  and gloves. Did I mention the temperature it was 0° Zero with a Capitol Z. Now if you’re used to this kind of weather no big deal but I’m a California boy and it was rather cold. My first greeting was from this gorgeous lonely horse.

Proceeded further down the road past the golf course Down to the old dirt road. Did I mention it was 0°s. Went a little past the old bridge and decided to take this picture.

I think my mustache actually froze. One more photo and I decided to turn around and go back all in all it was about a little over 2 miles not my longest or fastest one, did I  mention it was cold!

Came  back to Johnny and Ellen’s house,  Johnny and Linda were having coffee. I joined them to warm up. 

Later day we are off to see The NRA Whittington Center

Founded in 1973, the NRA Whittington Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is closely associated with the National Rifle Association but is not underwritten or managed by the NRA.  The Whittington Center is a 33,300 acre outdoor recreation facility that hosts many competitive, educational and recreational activities in all shooting disciplines.

It sounds like a lot of fun so 

more later…


3 thoughts on “Morning in Raton

  1. You’re really brave!! But seeing that picture of the horse must have made it worthwhile.
    He is beautiful, what a great shot. I had to laugh at your selfie.

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