Our Day in Raton

Arrived to Raton, NM Tuesday afternoon. Johnny greeted us at our  entrance to our Private room.  We have our own little Oasis in their home. Ellen is still in West frankfort Il, but due in late Thursday evening, weather permitting.

We awoke the following day (Today) with our morning coffee to snow and Turkeys.

Wild Turkeys and coffe in John and Ellen's front yard
Wild Turkeys and coffee in John and Ellen’s front yard

Went to breakfast and visited a new Tractor Supply store where Linda got Chick talk. They had just gotten in a new supply of chickens. They were only two days old. They had quite a variety to choose from, laying, rooster and harvesting all were $1.99 and $ 2.99 each. Some thing  Linda and I don’t see everyday. Found a new Tennis Ball thrower for their dogs, Max and Marley.

Linda Gets Chik Talk

2 day old chicks getting warm
2 day old chicks getting warm

Johnny bought us a special Steve Mcqueen DVD best of Wanted Dead or Alive Pack, Yes in the Tractor Supply store. (They had everything you could want.) I was stoked

Came home as it was scheduled to snow all afternoon. Linda Johnny and I, went for dinner supplies at the local Grocery store. We are having spaghetti dinner.  Linda has been cooking while Johhny and I are feasting on Wanted Dead or Alive Episodes, with frequent breaks to play catch and enjoy the snow.

Let's P{lay
Let’s Play!
Max and Marly Frolicking in the Snow
Max and Marley Frolicking in the Snow

Our Dinner was spectacular, we enjoyed our spaghetti dinner with a salad and a nice bottle of Cabernet.

Bon Appetit
Bon Appetit
Someone has to take the photos
Someone has to take the photos,I know you were looking for my mug

All and all it was a great way to end the day. Tomorrow we wait for Ellen.

More Later…


2 thoughts on “Our Day in Raton

  1. Really enjoyed reading your day in Raton. Looks like Max and Marley have become best friends! They are good looking together.

  2. Love looking at your pics! Isn’t it a world full of wonder!!! 😄 Steve you look so much like Bob! And Linda- you’re hair looks great! Love you both- Take a look at the cabin– hope the snow melts!!

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