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Beaver, Utah (insert joke here)

Got into Beaver, Utah around 8:30 last night just in time  to catch the last quarter of TNTs Clevland Cavaliers vs the San Antonio Spurs   Fantastic  game. Cavaliers win in overtime. Kylie Irving scores 57 points (a career best) What a stud.  Looks like Lebron is getting the help he needs. Where was Kevin Love ?

Back to Beaver, Beaver  is a place where flat tires are free and $99,000 will get you this.

$15.00 gets it fixed

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The Trip Home

One last jacuzzi dip. I’m really going to miss the boys. After our last dinner together they decided to take a dip, probably their last for a while as they fried the Jacuzzi spilling water out of it.  Oh well, another job for Adam. 

Heading home, stopped in Parachute, CO 

If you’re ever in the town of Parachute CO be sure and stop by Mamas “An American Eatery” You should try their world famous CheeseSteak sandwich with onion rings very tasty, served with a tasty ranch dressing for dipping. Located  in what used to be an old bank. Be sure and tell them Linda and Steve sent you. Can you see the cheesesteak sandwich behind the onion rings?

Here is a piece of artwork in the town of Parachute  Colorado (courtesy of the Linda Warren library)

Got into Beaver  Utah around 8:30 last night   

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Took a Quick tour of Indian Hills and evergreen one more time. 

Decided to revisit Evergreen and take a look at Indian Hills, both very close together only a few minutes out of the city but a world apart. You get to live just out of the city but feel like you’re in the country. Indian Hills is 6800 feet above sea level so you get to see nice Pines and wooded areas. Evergreen is a little more crowded and little tighter houses are closer together. I think we could be happy in either place. After our visit we decided to try Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. Looks like the franchise is in most states but We had never heard of it. You could probably compare it to either in and out burgers or five guys burgers. 

We were pretty impressed with  the hamburgers ours was crispy on the edges with two large dill pickle slices, sliced long ways. And it tasted great. The fries were shoestring and seasoned they have their own seasoning as well as fry sauce commonly known as thousand Island. 

The server looked oddly familiar. 

Place must be okay, even the help eats here. 

You could make a case for any of the three to be the best I would probably put it  at In-N-Out first , Freddy’s second and Five Guys last, I’m sure I’d get some arguments. 

Sadly today  is our last day in Denver. We are headed home. 

More Larer …

Our Trip to Westcliffe                             With Johnny and Ellen

A trek up the mountain to see Wayne and Marie’s cabin in the snow. Though the cabin still needs some finishing the view is breath taking!  Their view faces the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

    The Million Dollar View from the porch. 

After Marie puts her touches on it, it should be a cozy little cabin. Here are some views of the cabin and it’s interior.

Had to get a shot of the camerman

There is still plenty of room for the family to build on this gorgeous mountaintop when they decide to pick their spot. 

Here are some more shots of some of those vehicles left on the property.  I just can’t help mysel, to me  they are part of my Grandpa.

After a visit to the mountaintop went down to the town of Westcliff to have dinner at their local bowling alley. Even this bowling alley and restaurant have spectacular views.


Johnny Ellen and Linda had the fish and chips, Johnny’s favorite and I had to try the Ruben sandwich. I was not disappointed. I’m sure the view didn’t hurt   After a full day it was time to go home to Raton but not before seeing one final site.

Yes, they have a Buffalo ranch in Westcliffe

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Another Goergeous Morning in Raton, Missing Marley…

It was another great morning in Raton,  Max and I headed out for our morning walk without Marley. Marley was left at home with her ailing hind leg.  Upon our return we were informed that Marley howled and wined while we were gone.  Her leg has been acting up on her, So Ellen thought it best she rest it.  We missed her.  Got to see “Lonely Boy” again. This time I brought treats. 

                  Lonely Boy and  his Carrot Treat

Lonely Boy also got apples, Max got jealous and stole one of his carrot droppings. 

                          Max looking for Marley

              Somehow he managed to trudge on

Last night Linda made us  Sausages with Spicy Beans : Sausages with Fagioli All’uccelletta. A recipe she learned by watching “Extra Virgin” on The Cooking Channel. 

She also made a salad, we had a nice bottle of merlot with it. Later we had a rousing game of Hearts  and a second bottle of wine. I came in last, Linda Won and Johnny and Ellen came in second and third. 

It was another Great day of visiting!

Today we are off to Westcliffe, CO to see Grandpas property. 

More Later…

Saturday in Northern New Mexico

Johnny  and Ellen decided to take us to Taos, starting with breakfast in Cimarron New Mexico home of the st. James hotel. The St. James Hotel and Bar is located on the Santa Fe Trail. It had many famous Oldwest figures that stayed in the hotel including wild  Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Cody,  Annie Oakley and Pat Garrett to name a few. The bar was still there, as were bullet holes in the ceiling that had been left by numerous, I assume bar fights. It is a gorgeous hotel beautifully preserved. We decided to have breakfast there. I had to try the sausage and biscuits as did Ellen, Johnny and Linda had and egg breakfast with sausages. The sausage was probably one of the best sausages we’d ever had. I’m not so sure how they made it so crisp without drying out the center but they may have the fried it at the end, it was delicious. Sorry no picture of the sausages, but here’s a nice sausage and biscuits picture. 

Here are just a few photos from inside the hotel as well as artwork of some of the famous figures who had stayed there. 

We left the St. James Hotel plenty stuffed, then ambled through the small towns of Red River, Eagle Nest  and Angel Fire New Mexico. 

Got to see some Skiers along the way. 

Next we were on the Taos. We spent some time in the plaza of Taos. Linda and Ellen hit the shops Johnny and I sat in the center of the plaza and watched the people go by.  I had my camera with my telephoto nearby took a few pictures fortunately I was discrete, not so much with the gentleman in the center of the Plaza  who was taking pictures of everyone and got the eye of a local man.  I guess we will call him the angriest man in Taos.  This guy took an exception to him taking his pictures and yelled several obscenities in the general direction of the man taking his photo. He  then got up went over to the man And gave him  A bigger piece of his mind, not what you would call a great ambassador Of hospitality, we  couldn’t hear exactly what He was saying but it didn’t sound good. We decided it was time to leave but , before we left I had to get one picture of the angriest man in Taos

I got this shot in the safety of our car we sped away.  (Telephoto lenses is our great!)

We decided to take a tour of the earthships homes of Taos before dinner. They were just closing as we came in so we just got to take a quick tour. We had been there before, but it was still interesting. Got a shot of this old car before we left

Below is one of the homes, as well as the inside plants that they grow inside the homes for food. We even saw a A pineapple plant. 

Next was dinner at Orlandos in Taos. Wow! What a unique place and the food was fantastic. It was obviously popular because we arrived at 5pm when they opened and it was packed with people waiting within 5 minutes!! Steve and Johnny had enchilada made from blue corn tortillas, Ellen a burrito and me “make your own bowl”. All were delicious.

After dinner we had a leisurely drive home while listening to Van Morrison and Chris Botti.

What a wonderful day!!!

Raton, NM  Morning Walk 2                 “This Time I Brought Friends”

Yesterday’s walk was freezing. I decided to come prepared, So this morning I brought friends. And I had a ball.  My horse greeted me with a smile and a big kiss.

The morning greeted me with this awesome sight.


                            A nearly full moon

Max And Marley Kept me company.  About halfway through my walk started to get colder but I had came prepared. No way was I going to let this cold weather bother us on this great  morning. 


As we turned around from a walk  to go home I thought to myself, where is the closest 711 convenient store, they need to see this outfit. 

When we got home I got to settle in with coffee and conversation with Johnny Ellen and Linda. We cited to go to Taos today sounds like a lot of fun,

And the dogs well I guess a tire them out, maybe,,,,



More Later…

Raton, NM – NRA Whittingon Center

The 33,300 acre Whittington center is a vast area of shooting ranges, Cabins Sleeping  quarters for competitors, with an RV park and primitive Campgrounds,  this place has just about everything for the outdoor there are tons  of shooting ranges for different distances. At the entrance to the  to the center is the visitors area and  museum, it is free to all.

Located in the visitors center with an amazing array of both new and old weapons the FRANK BROWNELL MUSEUM has just about everything. Even a Gatling gun. 

This is a pano shot of the museum

They also had plenty of handguns from the Oldwest, Civil War  And other parts of the world

Even a 1973 Colt Peacemaker!

And if your more interested in modern firearms they had that too

Above Barrett 107A1

We even got a chance to meet This Spanis Explorer, however he wasn’t very talkative. 

All in all it was a great day!

More later…

Morning in Raton

I hadn’t walked since I’ve been on vacation, so I thought it be a good idea to try one. I got up just before sunrise put on extra pants a Pullover hat  and gloves. Did I mention the temperature it was 0° Zero with a Capitol Z. Now if you’re used to this kind of weather no big deal but I’m a California boy and it was rather cold. My first greeting was from this gorgeous lonely horse.

Proceeded further down the road past the golf course Down to the old dirt road. Did I mention it was 0°s. Went a little past the old bridge and decided to take this picture.

I think my mustache actually froze. One more photo and I decided to turn around and go back all in all it was about a little over 2 miles not my longest or fastest one, did I  mention it was cold!

Came  back to Johnny and Ellen’s house,  Johnny and Linda were having coffee. I joined them to warm up. 

Later day we are off to see The NRA Whittington Center

Founded in 1973, the NRA Whittington Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is closely associated with the National Rifle Association but is not underwritten or managed by the NRA.  The Whittington Center is a 33,300 acre outdoor recreation facility that hosts many competitive, educational and recreational activities in all shooting disciplines.

It sounds like a lot of fun so 

more later…

Our Day in Raton

Arrived to Raton, NM Tuesday afternoon. Johnny greeted us at our  entrance to our Private room.  We have our own little Oasis in their home. Ellen is still in West frankfort Il, but due in late Thursday evening, weather permitting.

We awoke the following day (Today) with our morning coffee to snow and Turkeys.

Wild Turkeys and coffe in John and Ellen's front yard
Wild Turkeys and coffee in John and Ellen’s front yard

Went to breakfast and visited a new Tractor Supply store where Linda got Chick talk. They had just gotten in a new supply of chickens. They were only two days old. They had quite a variety to choose from, laying, rooster and harvesting all were $1.99 and $ 2.99 each. Some thing  Linda and I don’t see everyday. Found a new Tennis Ball thrower for their dogs, Max and Marley.

Linda Gets Chik Talk

2 day old chicks getting warm
2 day old chicks getting warm

Johnny bought us a special Steve Mcqueen DVD best of Wanted Dead or Alive Pack, Yes in the Tractor Supply store. (They had everything you could want.) I was stoked

Came home as it was scheduled to snow all afternoon. Linda Johnny and I, went for dinner supplies at the local Grocery store. We are having spaghetti dinner.  Linda has been cooking while Johhny and I are feasting on Wanted Dead or Alive Episodes, with frequent breaks to play catch and enjoy the snow.

Let's P{lay
Let’s Play!
Max and Marly Frolicking in the Snow
Max and Marley Frolicking in the Snow

Our Dinner was spectacular, we enjoyed our spaghetti dinner with a salad and a nice bottle of Cabernet.

Bon Appetit
Bon Appetit
Someone has to take the photos
Someone has to take the photos,I know you were looking for my mug

All and all it was a great way to end the day. Tomorrow we wait for Ellen.

More Later…