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It’s  Friday Nite and Colorado Has a New Home Owner!

Tim’s house just closed. So it’s Party time at the Warren’s house!!!

Not sure what we’re going to do over the weekend but tonight is kind of special 😀


Another Snow Day yippee!!

looks like another snow day. Schools out Bobbie went skiing, Eli decided to build a snow ramp. Adam and Ben went to work.

The roads look a little dicey so we will stick to the local area and explore Denver. We were planning on going down to Woodland Park but will have to wait another day. Tim is  working all day and has an event tonight at union station in Denver so we probably won’t see him till late.  More later…

Good Morning! Off to See the Town of Deckers and Sedalia


Morning Squirrel
Morning Squirrel

Hello everyone we have been having a great time visiting with Tim and his family. Great dinners with the gang.

Went Gambling at Blackhawk and visited the town of Louisville, Co.  Ate at a little Diner  called “Bobs”

Bob's Diner
Bob’s Diner


Today we are off to visit the towns of Decker  and Sedalia. two small towns that are about an hour south of Denver.  More later…

Arrived in Glenwood Springs, CO

We Arrived in Glenwood Springs, CO  around 3:00 pm Great little mountain town. No snow on the ground but a little on the mountains, not enough to ski though.

Found a Quaint little motel with nice views of the mountains close to town

We should get to Tim’s tomorrow around 5:00. There is supposed to be a large snow storm coming in, so we need to leave the mountains before it hits.

Along the way we got to see…

Chinese Dragons @ Aria in Las Vegas
Chinese Dragons @ Aria in Las Vegas
Starving  Arvin's Restaurant Worst Navajo Taco Ever in Clinton, CO
Starving Arvin’s Restaurant
Worst Navajo Taco Ever in Clinton, CO
Old Tree between  Grand Junction Glenwood Springs
Old Tree between Grand Junction  and Glenwood Springs
Linda Gazing at View Grand Junction Glenwood Springs
Linda Gazing at View Grand JunctionRare Chihuahua in its natural Habitat    Rare Chihuahua in its natural Habitat
Where we are Staying Quaint Inn Glenwood Springs
Where we are staying The Hanging Lake Inn a  Quaint Inn in Glenwood Springs
Hanging Lake Inn Our Front Porch
            Hanging Lake Inn  Our Front Porch