Longing for Blue Skies

We’ve  been home for over a week now and I sure miss the blue skies of New Mexico and Colorado.  California certainly has it’s advantages and we’ve enjoyed them.  But  I miss the serenity and beauty of Johnny  and Ellen’s home and their company .  I miss quiet nights and clear starlit skies.  Early morning walks on the empty golf course with nothing but birds, occasional rabbits and Deer families.  I miss evening dinners with great conversation and the sounds of Van Morrison in the background.  I even miss navigating  through mountain roads looking for that  elusive dream home, even when I sent us to the wrong mountain.

I miss Tim and his family,  Eli  Ben  Summer  Jessica, and Adam,  the evening garage talks with IPA Crafted beers and conversations.  I miss  Bobby’s great lines Like ” Does the Princess need a Freshy”  I miss the afternoon rain showers with rainbows. I miss talking with Adam about cars and tech stuff. I miss Eli practicing bike tricks with his Go Pro recording his moves.

Rainbow View From Tims Front Lawn

And …   I Miss Tim,  He has  raised a great family who truly love and care for each other. You can see it…  here it… and feel it when their around each other.

And now he is a Proud Grandpa  (I missed that by two Days)

Tim & Willow Oval

Summer and Willow

Summer & Willow

I even miss Tim’s Squirrel!

They say all good things must end. I’m not sure about that. I choose not to believe it.

So I will keep searching for the Philosopher’s Stone

Sqiurrel Feathered


2 thoughts on “Longing for Blue Skies

  1. Steve & Linda, Ellen & I are happy to have been a small part of your trip. We enjoyed the music and conversations. We also greatly enjoy the Apple TV—thanks again. We remember the awesome day trips we took! Already looking forward to next time–don’t let it’s be three years

    1. These pictures are great. I also think Tim has done a wonderful job of raising a very warm, loving family. Mom and I spent about 20 minutes video chatting with Summer and Willow and everyone who came through the house a couple of days ago. So sweet.

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