Arrived Home – Vacation Wrap Up


Arrived home Sunday evening. Thought about spending the night in Prescott, but found the city even more crowded than the last time we visited. It seems to have all the chain restaurants any other city might have. With a lot of their own, Downtown is still unique with all of its charm, plenty of tourists on a Sunday afternoon. However once you put a Costco big box in, you know the city has grown. When we first visited it was still a small town with their original rodeo Fairgrounds, the same Rodeo filmed in Steve Mcqueen’s 1972  “Junior Bonner”. There is a now a new Fairgrounds at what is now the edge of town (Maybe not for long)  on the way to Sedona. Anyway it used to  be a town we wanted to live in, not any more.  So it was a quick lunch and back on the road to home.

Thoughts and some missed posts from Vacation

Westcliff, CO

On the way back from our dinner train through the Royal Gorge Dinner Train Ride and the Florence Rose B & B, we stopped at my Grandfathers Property in Westcliff. It was nice to see it again nothing had changed much since the last time we were there, except for Marker.


I spent some time in Westcliff with my Grandfather one high school summer, it was a great time and I got a love for Colorado’s  beauty.  Ive been up to his land since with my Dad and spent a night in the bus, swapping stories  about him, and drinking  Jack Daniels. I don’t remember all of it, but i’m sure I had a good time.

I could have chose photos of his land, but I still find his machinery interesting. Nothing but reverence was intended.



      I Know he doesn’t like his photo taken, But I think he looks pretty cool in this shot.


                                                   Johnny at Westcliff Property


3 thoughts on “Arrived Home – Vacation Wrap Up

  1. Steve & Linda,
    We enjoyed being a part of your vacation and we sure enjoyed your company and the fun things and places we experienced. The castle, the train, the B&B (the wine in the hot tub after the train was special-sure glad no pics!), Taos, Buffalo Thunder, and Santa Fe, and of course the carved house our navigator could’nt find!. I am preparing a test for you to take on NM terminology– gaitors, burghs, etc. Johnny

    1. I love, love, love, the photos of the bus, the truck, the crane? They are awesome. The two things I loved about that property, lived on that bus for a lot of summers. Thanks for the pictures.

      1. The photos and your words made me feel like I was there. I could smell and feel the mountains. The equipment came to life in your photos. Each one had it’s own little personality. I fell in love with the truck. I kept waiting for his hood to open and begin to talk.

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