Sante Fe, Heading Home

Stayed at the Hyatt Place in Santa Fe.  The last vacation. when we  came through Santa Fe, we stayed here. It’s touted a a high tech hotel with big screens and all sorts of ports for your computers. Well maybe a few years ago it was High Tech, but by today’s standards with all the wireless ways to connect, not so much. Still a very nice hotel, with new movies you can rent G.II. Joe for $17.99. I think we will save our money.  We went out to eat last night at the Horseman’s Haven Cafe. Wanted to try some of the Green chiles from Hatch, NM. Well they  were probably the hottest chiles we’ve had.  I chose Chile Cheese hamburger and Linda Tried the Cheese Enchiladas with blue corn tortillas. She opted for the red chile sauce, she was told they were milder. Wow this was some hot meal.

Green Chile Cheese Burger
Green Chile Cheese Burger


Cheese Enchiladas

Today we are off to Flagstaff, Prescott or Sedona, not sure which yet. Whatever moves us!


3 thoughts on “Sante Fe, Heading Home

  1. Hey Guys, you should have stopped back by the house. You could have gone to the theater with us. I’m off today for Denver.
    They started roasting peppers this week at the super market. I may buy some and freeze them. Have a safe trip.

  2. the pizza looks great. sweet onions im guessing. that burger looks like a treat, I don’t thank I could handle it. happy trails guys.
    love you both

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