Our Day in Boulder

Steve & Linda

Arrived a little after noon on Monday. We saw Jessica at her work  , Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers. She is all grown up and really looked like she was enjoying her job . Every one came over, Summer, of course Adam, Eli and Ben were already here. Summer is ready to pop at any time, she looks great!  We had Hamburgers on the Grill, Tim Opting for a Portobello Burger as he is a “Vegetarian” .

On Tuesday, Tim took the day off and we went to Boulder. We haven’t been to Boulder since last visiting with Mom and Dad. The place still looked Great with plenty of Earthy Green people all around . The main walking area was the Pearl Street Mall it was probably 5 blocks long (Pedestrian Only) Plenty of New Age,  Artsy and Organic Food stops. Most of the shops were locally owned , so we didn’t see the same things we have back home.  The only thing missing were music stores (where have they gone?) I guess there all on this new internet thing. I really miss them. Tim stopped in to a Old Tibet store and found the perfect mallet for Jessica’s Singing Bowl. (See Link)


Tim and Tibet Lady  singing bowl
Tim and Tibet Lady
singing bowl
Linda and Eli
Linda and Eli
Tim and Eli Pearl Street
Eli Pearl Street
Eli and Spiderman
Eli and Spider-man

Eli was eager to pose with Spider-man after visiting a Rocket FIzz Soda Pop & Candy Shop.

Van Morrison Appears
Van Morrison Appears

After Boulder we came back to Tim’s place and had a big Pizza party! The whole gang was here, Jessica, Ryan, Summer, Adam, Ben and Eli. It was really fun! We managed to chow down 4, yes 4, whole pizza’s.

It is really great to be surrounded by family! It is nice to see how supportive they all are to each other.

Adam and the Ford Explorer Leak to come Later!

Also a special appearance by the Squirrel


2 thoughts on “Our Day in Boulder

  1. Hi guys,
    Your trip looks awesome! I just logged into the blog for the first time today so I had a lot of catching up to do. We didn’t have much reception in Maine and I couldn’t access my email account to find your blog address. Sorry about that. Anyway, I just read through the whole blog and I am so happy you are having fun! Sorry about that wood house Linda:(
    The house we rented in Maine over the internet was a bit dissapointing too!
    Love you both and I hope you continue to have a great time.

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