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Longing for Blue Skies

We’ve  been home for over a week now and I sure miss the blue skies of New Mexico and Colorado.  California certainly has it’s advantages and we’ve enjoyed them.  But  I miss the serenity and beauty of Johnny  and Ellen’s home and their company .  I miss quiet nights and clear starlit skies.  Early morning walks on the empty golf course with nothing but birds, occasional rabbits and Deer families.  I miss evening dinners with great conversation and the sounds of Van Morrison in the background.  I even miss navigating  through mountain roads looking for that  elusive dream home, even when I sent us to the wrong mountain.

I miss Tim and his family,  Eli  Ben  Summer  Jessica, and Adam,  the evening garage talks with IPA Crafted beers and conversations.  I miss  Bobby’s great lines Like ” Does the Princess need a Freshy”  I miss the afternoon rain showers with rainbows. I miss talking with Adam about cars and tech stuff. I miss Eli practicing bike tricks with his Go Pro recording his moves.

Rainbow View From Tims Front Lawn

And …   I Miss Tim,  He has  raised a great family who truly love and care for each other. You can see it…  here it… and feel it when their around each other.

And now he is a Proud Grandpa  (I missed that by two Days)

Tim & Willow Oval

Summer and Willow

Summer & Willow

I even miss Tim’s Squirrel!

They say all good things must end. I’m not sure about that. I choose not to believe it.

So I will keep searching for the Philosopher’s Stone

Sqiurrel Feathered


Arrived Home – Vacation Wrap Up


Arrived home Sunday evening. Thought about spending the night in Prescott, but found the city even more crowded than the last time we visited. It seems to have all the chain restaurants any other city might have. With a lot of their own, Downtown is still unique with all of its charm, plenty of tourists on a Sunday afternoon. However once you put a Costco big box in, you know the city has grown. When we first visited it was still a small town with their original rodeo Fairgrounds, the same Rodeo filmed in Steve Mcqueen’s 1972  “Junior Bonner”. There is a now a new Fairgrounds at what is now the edge of town (Maybe not for long)  on the way to Sedona. Anyway it used to  be a town we wanted to live in, not any more.  So it was a quick lunch and back on the road to home.

Thoughts and some missed posts from Vacation

Westcliff, CO

On the way back from our dinner train through the Royal Gorge Dinner Train Ride and the Florence Rose B & B, we stopped at my Grandfathers Property in Westcliff. It was nice to see it again nothing had changed much since the last time we were there, except for Marker.


I spent some time in Westcliff with my Grandfather one high school summer, it was a great time and I got a love for Colorado’s  beauty.  Ive been up to his land since with my Dad and spent a night in the bus, swapping stories  about him, and drinking  Jack Daniels. I don’t remember all of it, but i’m sure I had a good time.

I could have chose photos of his land, but I still find his machinery interesting. Nothing but reverence was intended.



      I Know he doesn’t like his photo taken, But I think he looks pretty cool in this shot.


                                                   Johnny at Westcliff Property


Arrived in Sedona around 5:00 pm to a traffic jam though the Oak Creek Canyon. Everyone was still playing on the creek that flows through the canyon. Luckily we got a room, it is really crowded
here! Went to our favorite pizza restaurant we then had the single best pizza we have ever had. This probable the 5th or 6th time we have had this Sausage and onion 4 cheese pizza and each time we have it it is exactly the same “Heaven on a plate” we sat on the patio overlooking the creek and came back and crashed.

It’s 8:45 am and we are going to look around a bit an head on to Jerome and Prescott. Don’t know if we will say there or go home. We will see.

The Pizza
The Pizza
View of early morning walk. with Hot Air Balloon
View of early morning walk. with Hot Air Balloon

Sante Fe, Heading Home

Stayed at the Hyatt Place in Santa Fe.  The last vacation. when we  came through Santa Fe, we stayed here. It’s touted a a high tech hotel with big screens and all sorts of ports for your computers. Well maybe a few years ago it was High Tech, but by today’s standards with all the wireless ways to connect, not so much. Still a very nice hotel, with new movies you can rent G.II. Joe for $17.99. I think we will save our money.  We went out to eat last night at the Horseman’s Haven Cafe. Wanted to try some of the Green chiles from Hatch, NM. Well they  were probably the hottest chiles we’ve had.  I chose Chile Cheese hamburger and Linda Tried the Cheese Enchiladas with blue corn tortillas. She opted for the red chile sauce, she was told they were milder. Wow this was some hot meal.

Green Chile Cheese Burger
Green Chile Cheese Burger


Cheese Enchiladas

Today we are off to Flagstaff, Prescott or Sedona, not sure which yet. Whatever moves us!

Our Day in Boulder

Steve & Linda

Arrived a little after noon on Monday. We saw Jessica at her work  , Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers. She is all grown up and really looked like she was enjoying her job . Every one came over, Summer, of course Adam, Eli and Ben were already here. Summer is ready to pop at any time, she looks great!  We had Hamburgers on the Grill, Tim Opting for a Portobello Burger as he is a “Vegetarian” .

On Tuesday, Tim took the day off and we went to Boulder. We haven’t been to Boulder since last visiting with Mom and Dad. The place still looked Great with plenty of Earthy Green people all around . The main walking area was the Pearl Street Mall it was probably 5 blocks long (Pedestrian Only) Plenty of New Age,  Artsy and Organic Food stops. Most of the shops were locally owned , so we didn’t see the same things we have back home.  The only thing missing were music stores (where have they gone?) I guess there all on this new internet thing. I really miss them. Tim stopped in to a Old Tibet store and found the perfect mallet for Jessica’s Singing Bowl. (See Link)

Tim and Tibet Lady  singing bowl
Tim and Tibet Lady
singing bowl
Linda and Eli
Linda and Eli
Tim and Eli Pearl Street
Eli Pearl Street
Eli and Spiderman
Eli and Spider-man

Eli was eager to pose with Spider-man after visiting a Rocket FIzz Soda Pop & Candy Shop.

Van Morrison Appears
Van Morrison Appears

After Boulder we came back to Tim’s place and had a big Pizza party! The whole gang was here, Jessica, Ryan, Summer, Adam, Ben and Eli. It was really fun! We managed to chow down 4, yes 4, whole pizza’s.

It is really great to be surrounded by family! It is nice to see how supportive they all are to each other.

Adam and the Ford Explorer Leak to come Later!

Also a special appearance by the Squirrel