We’ve Been Busy

Tuesday:  Went to Taos ans Santa Fe.   We took a brief tour of the center of town. We have been there before, last time we visited Johnny and Ellen we toured Taos Earthships the Ultimate in Green housing and had lunch over the Rio Grande Gorge with food we had gotten from the local Health food Green Grocer it was fabulous.  Our Green Grocer Lunch from last visit
So it was off to Santa Fe. We stopped (of course) at The Buffalo Thunder Casino and had lunch.


Our Lun at the Buffalo Thunder Casino

We Gambled a little, Some of us won, some of us didn’t play you guess who did what.

We were in Santa Fe NM and of course we were deciding what to do. So we did what most people do, shop for souvenirs. I had recently found out that Johnny didn’t have any Apple products we had been discussing them since we had been quietly and  subtly  showing off ours to him,  and showing him the outright wisdom of owning such a all empowering device.  HE WAS SOLD.  Yes we had converted another  PC owner to The Apple World.

So it was off to Best Buy for the sale. Our work was done. We then headed back to Raton, for an evening of Apple Glory.

Wednesday:  Today was a day of rest and hanging around Raton and Trinidad. We Visited the Shuler Theater a local landmark that has been around since opening April 27, 1915. We even got a tour.Shuler TheaterInsideOne of the famed Original Curtains

We were off to Trinidad Co just o few miles north of Raton

We got to see Susan’s House (Ellen’s Daughter)

Back of Susan's House

We had a nice visit then it was back to Raton for a Great Dinner. Linda was the Chef that Night  it was a trade off.  We Get Dinner at Rinos Reastaurant the best food in Trinidad, Co (We are headed there tonight)  http://www.rinostrinidad.com/

Linda Made her Famous Arroz Con Pollo with (sweet peas picked from the garden), with Salad Fresh from the garden and warm Italian bread.  Johnny picked salad greens from his Garden. If you don’t know Johnny’s garden happens to be the best garden this side of Heaven. He has rows of  Carrots , Squash, Cucumbers, Sweet Peas, Watermelon, corn,  Onions, Potatoes, Italian Green Beans and many others to, many to mention.  He had sent a soil sample to the University of Nebraska for analysis, they said it wasn’t possible to grow anything worth eating. We strongly disagree. (see Photos)

His face is hidden, so that others won't guess the exact location of his garden
Johnny, His face is hidden, so that others won’t guess the exact location of his garden

IMG_0628 IMG_0611 IMG_0625 IMG_0606

It was another terrific night, Linda’s dinner was accompanied by Van Morrison “Avalon Nights” one of my favorite Van Morrison Albums.  (Yes I do believe  a have another couple of satisfied converts to the heavenly sounds of one of the most astounding Musicians to have ever graced our ears.)

So tomorrow we are off to Florence Bed and Breakfast and the Royal Gorge Dinner Train Ride.


2 thoughts on “We’ve Been Busy

  1. Okay, who is this happy man and what has he done with my brother? I don’t think I have ever heard you use the word fabulous. Colorado/ New Mexico seems to agree with you. Your blog is fabulous! I am really enjoying it. Miss you. P. S. Johnny has a great big green thumb. So glad he didn’t listen to the soil sample report.

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