The House?


On Monday after a great lunch at a wood fired pizza restaurant in Trinidad we went to find the house that most of you know I have been very excited to see. I saw it on line, a gorgeous house in the mountains with 360 degree panoramic views!

Let the story begin. First we had the address not quite right, so we traveled to the site where there was nothing but a vacant lot. When we realized it was wrong, we reset the navigator to the correct one and found we were off by 28 miles. Who made the mistake is still up for discussion, we won’t talk about the outcome, but it wasn’t me. We reset and off we went.

We turned off the highway at the exit the the navigator told us to and got on to a dirt road, we went for what seemed like the better part of an hour, in reality it was about 7 miles. Then we were off the map, but kept going up and up on a windy dirt road until we finally reached our destination about another  3 or 4 miles at the end of the road last house. Only one way up and one way down to this place. What if a fire came up in the middle of the night? Or you needed to get to the hospital or … you get the idea.

When we got out of the car I was sure were once again at the wrong place. It was a half finished house, filthy dirty with crap all over the yard and way way too much wood. My brother in law was right, it needed dry wall! I was overwhelmed by how much work would have to be done to this place . The view, still gorgeous, but not gorgeous enough!

So, we are still looking for our Utopia.IMG_0513 IMG_0503


One thought on “The House?

  1. Well, darn it! I’m surprised with all that detouring that you didn’t happen across the perfect place. That is usually what happens. Keep your eyes, mind and heart open. Something will show itself.

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