Happy Mistake

We were on our way to Johnny and Ellen’s and went to eat at Harry’s Roadhouse touted to have some of the best food in Santa Fe. I had decided to get something with the famous hatch green chili’s on it. So the breakfast burrito seemed like the perfect choice. Somehow when the waitress took my my order I said omelet.
So my order was taken, Linda ordered the same, which I thought was odd.
When my Breakfast Burrito came it looked a lot like an omelet.
Linda said that’s what I ordered so I decided there would be plenty of chances for a Breakfast burrito smothered in Hatch green chili’s.

And wow was I lucky to have ordered the omelet.

Menu item:
Omelet with Extra Sharp Aged Cheddar, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Tomato and Scallions $8.50

It was simple looking enough, sure it was fluffy and perfectly cooked, but an omelet just the same.
I’ve had apple wood bacon once before, it tasted like bacon. This bacon actually tasted like the apple wood had been smoked with apple wood. The tomatoes tasted like the tomatoes my Granda Ma Warren had grown in her garden. The green peppers tasted, well like green peppers are supposed to taste like. Scallions tasted Like they were supposed to taste like. It was a perfect omelette with All the flavors melding together, yet each ingredient having it’s own presence felt.
We were seated in a corner of the room, not the best spot, my back to the room and in front of a passage way leading the room. normally this wood have been annoying, however with each passerby of people being seated at there tables a whiff of Santa Fe magic air was wafted into my nose and mind, thus the perfect omelet was enjoyed.
We were off to Raton for what turned out to be a perfect evening with Ellen and Johnny.




4 thoughts on “Happy Mistake

  1. I think I’ve been here. Billie, mom and I had lunch there. Is it off the back side of the square in Sante Fe?

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