Trip To Raton and Denver   “We’re Off”
We left yesterday at 2:30 and ended up in Holbrook for the night. Arrived at 12:40 AM

We stayed at the Travelodge


Here are some quick photos of Holbrook early morning

Holbrook in the Morning
Holbrook in the Morning
Holbrook Panorama
Holbrook Panorama



We are ready to begin Day 2. Hope it won’t be as long as yesterday. After over 10 hours in the car, I could use a shorter day!

We are off to albuquerque this AM

We have reservations at the  Route 66 Casino/HotelnmRoute66Photo2 get-ur-kicks





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  1. What is the time of day for these pictures, not a vehicle or person on the move. Are you taking these pictures with your iPad? Good Luck at the Casino and get some Kicks on Route 66, if you know what I mean!

  2. I have been by that casino before. I planned to stay there a couple of years ago, but they were all booked up when I arrived. Instead, at oh I don’t know midnight or so, I continued on to Albuquerque. That was a rough night. It was more than a 10 hour day by far. Love to you both. Safe travels.

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